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Why is it that when we least want to do something we tend to have the best experience?

Whether it be going to do a workout, going to a party or starting a mammoth task ahead of us. I believe it’s because we let go of any high expectations. Expectations to live up to. We are able to enjoy the experience more because of it BUT only and only if we show up!

It all starts with getting out of our own way and just showing up! Just making a start! Just getting in the car! Just taking the first step!

The other day I wasn’t particularly fussed on going to the gym. It was raining, I was in the middle of exciting things and I generally just felt I could easily miss it. I however decided to go because part of my commitment to go ‘all in’ in our business this year means I’ve also committed to looking after my health and wellness. Showing up was all I needed to commit to. I then allowed the process to guide me and I had an epic workout.

This photo was taken on Hamilton Island after a long walk down a bush track. I didn’t particularly feel like going that morning however I promised my husband and I knew that I just needed to get up and put one foot in front of the other. This reward was at the other end of a longwinded bushtrack that felt like it was going nowhere.......a beautifullu secluded little beach that we had to ourselves for hours with a mammoth swing where I went nuts with taking loads of photos! I had the BEST day and didn't want to leave.

Can you relate?

If so, what can you do today....not nomorrow but today where you simply just have to take the first step? Perhaps it is just picking up the phone to call someone you haven't spoken to in a while.

Perhaps it's putting on your walking shoes and just start walking (even if the you tell yourself it's just to go around the block).

Perhaps pick up a book and simply start reading even if you tell yourself it's only one page!

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