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Stop apologising for who you are, and instead start owning your best bits… and all the other juicy gems in-between!

Why is it that so many of us play small? We often downgrade ourselves to avoid judgement or so others don't feel inferior when we shine bright.

There was a time when I thought I needed to have it all figured out however turns out I just needed to embrace all that I already am.

I am a closet introvert that mostly lives in her active wear and top knot who loves to be all kinds of sassy when I go out and totally own it!

I’m not too keen on ‘fakeness’ and anyone that knows me will know that I say it as it is with love, and a perfect day in my eyes would be some kind of exploring, taking loads of photos and finishing off watching the sunset anywhere near the water.

People say I am loud, but in reality I am just passionate! Come on...I’m Dutch after all. This is who I am and it’s the perfect recipe for cooking up all that I dream.

So who are you? What bits of you are the ones that make you uniquely you and are the ones that you need to start owning so you can shine them brightly out into the world?

In case somebody has told you that you’re lacking a crucial ingredient in your recipe, I am here to say they are wrong. You are the cook and this life is your kitchen… so get creative, and start cooking up your own unique treat today.

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