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Hack your way to loving all of you



                         I'm excited that you found yourself here. A place where I hope you will find your inner sparkle. The sparkle that sets your soul on fire. The spark that makes you come alive and live the life you have always destined and deserved to live. 


I'm a 'good girl rebel' kinda woman. A rebel in the sence that I don't follow all the rules when it comes to settling for what we think is possible for our lives. I always love to see what else is posible? Why settle? If I see others do it then I hold hope that it can be done. I just have to find a way.

I'm a closet introvert. I can go from zero to 100% when I'm around people yet I enjoy nothing more then quiet days retreating at our mountain home. I love to sit and watch the sun rise and chasing sunsets. So much so that my husband and I married on the beach as the sun kissed the morning sky surrounded by friends and family - see a little bit of rebel right there. As a hair and makeup artist for over 20 years I've done hundreds of weddings and yet not ever one at sunrise. Who does that? - The little bit of rebel in me does!

a little about me

I love making people feel great in their own skin. Whether that is through having a makeup brush or pair of scissors in my hands, health, movement or through coaching prodomently women to create an income online that enables them to feel empowered. Empowered to not only look and feel their best but also pay for the grocery bill, to treat themselves with some 'guilty pleasures' or to create a life by their own design. 

My hope is that we can cheer eachother on as we unlock the beauty and greatness that is already within us. You don't have to have it all figured out before you start. I can be all kinds of #hotmessexpress yet I know I will eventually get there. It all starts with little hacks that compile to great things over time.


It is our birthright to be and do great things so let's unhack it together.



It hasn't always been this way.

Growing up in The Netherlands until I was 18 had me face big challenges as I tried to adjust to a new life in a new country down under. I didn't speak the language and apart from my mom, dad and brother I didn't know a soul. Barely knowing who I was as a young woman I tried my hardest to fit in. I quickly felt myself slipping into the wrong patterns searching for the need to find my place in my new world.

Eating disorders, self shaming, exercise and constantly living in the past became some of my go-to coping strategies that unbeknowns to me at the time weren't serving me at all.

Now in my mid fourties I have finally learnt to come to a place of loving the skin I'm in and accepting myself for who I am.

Acknowledging my uniqueness and embracing the journey that took me to this very day I now face very different challenges as I find myself at age 44, no children and once again trying to find my place to fit into the world. A world that is so conditioned to believe that the degree, the house, the family and the dream job are the ultimate essence of living when in reality there is so much more to life.


I've learnt to find healthy ways to help me juggle these expectations that I plan to share with you all, whether you have the "dream life" as society would make you believe or not, we can all find ourselves stuck in others expectations and I am here to encourage you to break the mould and be all of who you are destined to be.


"You are as Younique as one of these grains of sand"

"When life rains on your parade,

remember to dance in the puddles"

"Life has it's ups and downs,

remember to keep swinging"


life hacking

Life is not about being perfect, it's about being better then we were before we became aware of this truth. Ha!

A truth I wish I had learnt long ago. If you are anything like me you are probably thinking the same however we then must come to the place of understanding that we are who we are today because of all the events and choices we have made to get us to this exact day. Think about that for a moment, it sounds so simple and yet in it lies the key to unlock it all.

Once we see it, it's then about what we do from that day forward. It's not about being perfect, it's about 'making up' with who we used to be and keeping it simple (KISS). When you gain awareness or gain this new insight it comes with an opportunity to put it into practice and although I'm no expert, I'm here to chear you on.

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